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April 20, 2011
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Lightis - Hot Huh? by weird2106 Lightis - Hot Huh? by weird2106

It's been a long time, hasn't it? :XD:
Ugh, I've been on Hiatus for a month, I guess -_-"
And, guess what! I missed you guys! :crying: so MUCH!!
I realized that my life without you guys, feels so empty *sighs*

Okay~ I'm exaggerated :XD:
but I could careless about it, 'cause there is nothing better more than you guys!! I love you all! *blows kisses* :XD:

anyway, while I was on my Hiatus, I felt so bored -_- and decided to make some, ahem a Lightis artwork, and here we go!! :XD:

Bear with my laziness and my lack of skill in this part okay? pretty please? :XD:

lol okay then, please comment! =D
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Still laugh when I see this
This is almost worse than a Venqua fanfic I read once

Aqua: No Ven, agle your keyblade more like this. -comes up behind Ven to help, unintentionally pressing her chest against Ven's back-
Ven: Uh, um... -blushes like mad and starts getting nervous- I-I gotta.. I gotta go. See ya! -runs off-
Aqua: *thinks* What's his problem?
wow noct how dare you think so it
this still makes me laugh. Just imaginig Noctis' expression when she really starts to.

Noctis:(Oh God she really is going to)
Light:(i'll tease him until he loses control)
Noctis: watches as Light slowly lifts her shirt then pulls it down.
Noctis:( she's teasing me control Noct control) she continues to tease when she's pinned to the ground.
Light: Must've hit a nerve now bang me.
Noctis: way ahead ya.

in hall noises of the two having sex echoing out.
Fang: about time sugar
Prompto: that's my man Go Noctis! hand covers his mouth tightly
Vanille: shh let's not bother them.
Snow: at least they're finally doing it. a loud scream from Lightning loudly echoes through.
Fang: My she's had alot of orgasm now hasn't she.
Me: that seems to be Noctis' plan.
pdub2000 Jan 28, 2012  Student Artist
noct u dirty boy u
Me: sheesh they been going on for days now.
Prompto: go noctis go noctis.
Me: shut up prompto.
Fang: I wish I had that.
Me: I can fix that.
Fang: too young.
Me: I'm 22yrs old.
Fang: yeah but I'm like 500yrs
Me: got a point there.
Suddenly the screams stop.
Snow: damnit! Had tripped over the others
Noct: hey what's up oh the air condition is fixed if ya wanna know oh and light might be pregnant. Evil smile crosses his face.
Me: your an evil little monkey. Weird2106 never invite Noctis and Lightning to your house. Lol
soulwolf2011 Jul 7, 2011  Hobbyist
*censored my dirty thoughts.*...and then when the...*censored again*....they end up*censored again*...all right. any questions?
soulwolf2011 Jul 11, 2011  Hobbyist
i am actually thinking it again. but somehow, it all ends with Cloud being the the child. where as i think it Cloud and Lightning, i somehow get Noct.
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